Arellano: Michigan must invest in teacher effectiveness

By cori

A teacher’s effectiveness is the most important in-school factor in improving student achievement. It’s more important than class size, where a school is located, and even more important than the overall performance of the school. The idea that great teachers can improve the life trajectory of their students long after they graduate is universally accepted as fact, and many Michiganians have experienced for themselves the undeniable influence of a great teacher.

Last month, The Education Trust-Midwest launched Michigan Achieves, a campaign to put Michigan on a path toward becoming a top 10 education state for all students by 2030. Ensuring that every Michigan student has access to highly effective teaching and quality learning is a critical step in the right direction and a pillar of our campaign.

Leading education states show that educators are well worth our state’s investment and focus. States like Tennessee have implemented high-quality, statewide systems of educator evaluation and support, and have reaped the benefits. Tennessee has become a national leader for student learning gains, including for early literacy.

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