Editorial: For teachers and students, a path to higher achievement

By mcee

In place of a status quo in which many teachers receive only irregular or irrelevant feedback from principals who rarely visit their classrooms, the MCEE plan would mandate regular observation by supervisors trained to use one of four evaluation protocols field-tested in pilot studies in 13 Michigan districts. In addition to evaluating a teacher’s classroom performance, observers would be responsible for establishing goals for improvement and providing the training and support required to achieve them.

About half of every teacher’s annual report card would depend on the assessment of such trained observers. The other half would be based on students’ year-to-year growth as measured by standardized test scores, with adjustments made to compensate for factors, such as attendance, that are beyond the teacher’s control. The council also recommends that a small portion of every teacher’s evaluation be tied to an aggregate measure of student growth in the teacher’s school, giving every teacher a stake in the success of every student.

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