What’s cooking in lame duck: Teacher evaluation bills aim to improve performance

By mcee

It’s been a long haul for the Democrats and Republicans who have been working their sides of the aisle on the issue of teacher evaluations. More than two years.

During the ongoing, end-of-the year legislative session known as lame duck, the two tie-barred bills that seek to make teachers more effective are not as high profile as the road repair funding issue that is expected to suck up most of the air in the capitol over the next week.

But in a legislature often criticized for partisan in-fighting, these two bills are among a slim few that have bipartisan support. Add to that nearly two years of research, millions in state money already spent, passage in one chamber (the House) and a nod from Gov. Rick Snyder and you can see why the sponsors are hopeful that these bills have a passing chance during lame duck.

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